Who is considered an educator?

Educators include high school and middle school teachers at public and private schools in the City of Fredericksburg and the surrounding counties. Educators also includes home-school teachers and professors from the University of Mary Washington and Germanna Community College.

Who is considered a community stakeholder?

Non-profits, local government officials, businesses, social enterprises, and any local groups or individuals building a more just and livable world in the Fredericksburg area.

I’m a community stakeholder, what kinds of projects can I submit?

We are looking for projects that educators can integrate into their classes – projects that give students enrolled in those classes the opportunity to utilize and apply the skills they are developing in class and learn new skills as well. If you are in need of volunteers, we can connect you with the Center for Community Engagement at the University of Mary Washington.

I’m a community stakeholder, can I submit a project at any time during the year?

Unfortunately, at this time no. We will only be accepting project submissions from July 1, 2019 through September 15, 2019.

I’m an educator, where can I apply to connect with a community stakeholder?

Apply here.

Who (really what) is FRED anyway?

You can learn all about FRED on our website: http://fredforgood.com/

Still have questions?

You can use our Contact form or email Shawn Humphrey at shawn@fredforgood.com